Can’t Get The Job Done? How to Stay Motivated and Focus on Work

In this episode of Top Secrets Revealed on The Funny Way We Think, we’re going to talk about how to stay motivated and focus on work.

I bet you found this video from doing a search. You’re probably at work right now, and you’re looking for tips on how to keep focused on the work you need to get done. Good news, you’ve landed at the right place.

I’m going to show you exactly what you need to do to redirect your focus back to work in less than 2 minutes.

The Plan of Action

So if you’re at work right now, you’re probably sitting in front of your computer, and you probably have several windows open. So let’s put up a few of the most popular ones.

And then you’ve got one window that’s your actual work. In this example, let’s just say it’s a spreadsheet.

And finally, you might also have your mobile phone nearby. You’ll want to grab that too, because you’ll need it.

All right. Let’s take you through the process now of getting you focused. The first thing you’re going to do is you’re going to take your mobile phone, and you’re going to power it down. Then, once it’s powered off, you’re going to take your phone and put it away, preferably somewhere out of reach.


It’s all right, I’ve got insurance.

All right, next you’re going to go to your chat or messenger window that’s open, go to the corner of that window, click on it, and close it out. Then, go to your Instagram window that’s open, and do the same thing…click on it and close it out. Then repeat this process with your Pinterest window, close that one out…your email window, close that one…the Google window, close that out…and your Facebook window, close that one down.

Now if you’re watching this video on YouTube or a similar place, this will be the last window you close, because you want to follow these instructions all the way to the end.

Ready to Begin?

So we’re going to start the countdown clock at 30 seconds, and at the end of the countdown, this will be the window that you will close. Go ahead and go now to your spreadsheet or work-related window that you have open, and make that full screen. Then come back to this window, and at the end of the countdown, you’re going to close this window…and get back to work.

That’s how you do it. That’s how you stay motivated and focus on work. You pick one thing, and just do that.

You’ll thank me later. So will your boss.

I’m Tim O’Shea. Thanks for watching Top Secrets Revealed.

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