The One Thing You Need to Know to Start Overcoming Resistance to Change

In this episode of Top Secrets Revealed on managing change we’re going to look at the one thing you need to know to start overcoming your resistance to change.

“Leggo Your Ego!”

Letting Go To Overcome


Ego. Ugh. It’s a nasty sounding word, isn’t it? It’s one of those words that puts a bad taste in your mouth as soon as you hear it. It’s sort of like the word yogurt. Or conglomerate. Or flushable cleansing wipes.

(I don’t know…)

Ego is a nasty sounding word, but guess what, we all have one. Myself included. I’ll admit it. I have an ego. I have a really big head. I mean just look at it. See? Big head. It’s enormous.

All right. Now let me say up front that when I say Leggo Your Ego it may sound like it’s supposed to be easy. But it’s not. Sounds easy when you say it. Not so easy to do.

But ego is a significant factor that contributes to our resistance to change. The reason? We all want things a certain way. And once we want that, we get attached to it. We get attached to the outcome.

It happens all the time, in every organization. Something is new, something is different, and the outcome is not at all what you wanted, and you don’t like it.

And that’s normal. It’s natural. There’s a reason we have ego. It’s there to protect us from harm. Ego is a core component of our identity.

But our ego can also really interfere with our ability to manage change and handle things when they’re different. It can cause us to act impulsively, or it can inform our decisions in the wrong direction. So when you’re going through a change, letting go of your ego might be the first step to help you get through it.

Understanding The Difference

“There isn’t enough room for me and your ego.”

Just to be clear, I’m not saying ego is bad. Like I said at the beginning, we often associate the word ego with something negative. But if you have an ego, it doesn’t always mean that you have to be the most popular person at a party or always get the best table at a restaurant.

Even though I always am, and I always do.

There is such a thing as healthy ego, such as taking pride in your work, or asserting your point of view in a way that’s respectful.

But when the unhealthy parts of your ego gets involved, that’s when you get angry, you get defensive, and you resist. That’s when it may be time to set your ego aside.

“I want you to take your ego out of the equation.”

Yes ma’am. I’ll do my best.

So when you feel yourself resisting change, ask yourself if you’re attached to the outcome. And if you are, letting go your ego might be the first thing you need to do.

I’m Tim O’Shea, the Agent of Change. Thanks for watching Top Secrets Revealed.

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