About Tim O’Shea

The keynote speaker with a LICENSE TO THRILL!

Meet the Team!

Tim O'Shea and Buster, The Agent Of Change Team
Tim O’Shea, The Agent Of Change, and Buster, Joint Chief Chairman of Security Administration
A bit about me:

Hi, I’m Tim O’Shea, The Agent of Change. I help teams, leaders, and organizations face change positively.

As “The Agent Of Change,” my specialty is in organizational and behavioral psychology from my background in corporate HR and management.

I then went into keynote speaking full-time, delivering entertaining and engaging programs designed to bring levity and perspective to diverse audiences of professionals.

What’s all this “Agent Of Change” business?

After spending almost a decade in the corporate arena doing interviews and behavioral assessments of job applicants, I acquired many skills.

In recent years, I’ve received some specialized training by professionals from law enforcement and national security agencies (isn’t that what everybody does on Friday nights?). From these fine folks, I acquired even better skills.

So…I have taken these two unique paths and merged them together. It’s a powerful combo, and I use it to create good. 🙂

My first “real job” was…

If you don’t count the paper route I had from age 11 to 14, my first full-time job was just out of college working as a Retrieval Clerk for American Express. Now I use their credit cards, so it has all evened out.

When I’m not speaking…

I’m quiet.

About Buster:

Buster is a 14-year old corgi who serves many roles in The Agent Of Change’s office. Primary duties include the following:

Standing sentinel at back door entrance

Routine reports of scheduled outdoor perimeter checks

Quality assurance and monitoring of Senior Operative’s activities

Covert surveillance operations under bed areas

Safeguarding delivered packages in camouflaged matching attire

Verifying all pizza on premises is sufficiently secure


Chat with me about your next event! Call 303-371-2849 or email me at agent@timoshea.com.